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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wallowing in my addiction

I'm up and watching football again - of course, it's Sunday and it's in season. I started out watching the Burnley game. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be interested, but after Man United's loss to them midweek, I thought I should keep my eyes open to see what they were up to. (They're leading at the moment 1-0 over Everton). Of course the game I'm really interested in is the Chelsea match against Fulham. Chelsea's up 1-0 right now at the half.

I didn't get to watch the Man United game yesterday. I was able to watch the first half hour, but then I had to leave to go do my usual Saturday thing (pick up Book, lunch at my mom's, etc.) I sent out a plea on Facebook and Twitter for someone to keep me updated. Fortunately, D was online, so he sent me updates with every goal. 5-0 for Man United!!!!! Even though I didn't get to see it - and it would have been waaay more exciting if I had - it was still awesome to get updates every couple of minutes saying "1-0 Rooney!" then "2-0 Berba!!!" then "3-0 Rooney! Yeah!" and so on. I was heading up the interstate at the time and thought, "Are you kidding me?!?!" My boys are back!!!

I suppose I should be cheering for Fulham in this one, just to help secure my Man United boys in their position, but I've got much love for Chelsea. I'd happily take a 1-2 finish in the league for the two teams.... with United on top, of course. :)

There's an Inter game on this afternoon. I might watch it. I'm a wee bit ticked at G at the moment though, so I don't know. I probably will. I'm an addict, you know. :)

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