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Friday, August 28, 2009

Check out these roughnecks!

TruTV used to be Court TV in the United States, but now it's got a whole lot more than just courtroom drama and crime shows. The channel's now about "caught on video" reality shows, or what TruTV calls "actuality television."

If you like shows like "Iceroad Truckers" and "Deadliest Catch," you should see the show truTV BLACK GOLD by the same creators. It's starting its second season on TruTV and can be seen Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern.

The show takes the cameras to the oilfields of West Texas where the some of the toughest (and might I add - HOTTEST) guys on the planet are working on one of the most dangerous jobs there is.

This year, the season focuses on Rig 28 and the quest for these roughnecks to drill four holes in 50 days to save the lease on a valuable piece of land before it expires.

truTV BLACK GOLD characters include:

Day Crew -
Jeremy "PeeWee" Smith - he's short and short-tempered, but he's earned the respect of his fellow roughnecks.
Gerald Williams - he's been working the fields for more than 30 years and says he gets Christmas cards from nine of the world's top 10 badasses. He's missing part of a finger from an oilfield accident.
Jeremy "Mack" Paulins - he's a smart guy, ladies' man and a convicted felon who's been PeeWee's best friend since grade school.
Cheston McElhaney - he's the new guy on the rig and the new guy to roughnecking
Chuck Mobley - another convicted felon, he's seemingly beaten a crystal meth addiction but still spends too much time headlong in the bottle, but he knows the job and does it well

Evening Crew -
Ron Payne - he's got 15 years experience in the oilfields and has never had an accident - neither has his crew
Brandon Watson - he's a hothead with an attitude who likes drinking beer and chasing women. He's gotten his front teeth knocked out and his fingers smashed on the job.
Josh Casteel - he's a ladies' man who likes wakeboarding, motocross and lifting weights. He also plays guitar. He's broken his arm and his collarbone on the job.

Overnight Crew -
Terry "Tank" Hannon - he's a second-generation roughneck who's been on and off in the oilfields for 12 years. He's had several injuries, including broken fingers and cracked ribs.
Travis Venerable - he's a laid-back guy with parents on the white-collar side of the oil business

Relief Crew -
Oscar Barerras - he's been doing the job for 13 years, and among other injuries, once almost lost his thumb when he was bitten by a rattlesnake
Aaron Taft - he's only been working the oilfields for three years, which he got into because life in a cubicle bored him. He's got a degree in finance.
Chris Bain - he's been in the fields for four years now, but he recently lost his job after being arrested. He's gotten a broken arm and a concussion on the job.
Ben Green - he's been on the job for three years, and he and his wife are expecting their first baby.


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