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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Entrecarders: how do you drop?

I've got a question for all you Entrecarders out there. How do you drop? Do you strictly hit the blogs on your drop inbox? Do you have a drop list (if so, is it a page you have published, or a bookmark list, or some other method?) Do you drop-and-hop using the widgets? Do you do it some other way?

I'm one who almost never hits the 300-card limit or even close, but I tend to "drop and hop." What I mean by this is, I start at my drop inbox for today with my latest dropper. At that page, I drop, then I hop to the blog in the Entrecard widget, drop and hop to the next, until I reach one that I've already dropped on. Then I go back to my inbox, hit refresh, and start at the next one I haven't dropped on. Generally, I've got seven or eight open tabs as I go along, and after I drop them, I check out each blog to see if I'm interested in reading the post or if I want to comment on something as I'm closing tabs to go back to the inbox.

Granted, this is a slow method, but I'm usually more interested in seeing what the latest posts are than getting in my maximum drops for the day. I find that this method reciprocates those who have dropped on my blog (since I'm clearing my inbox as I go), and it lets me see a wide variety of blogs every day because I'm hitting the blogs shown on other people sites, so it's a different group of bloggers every day. It also rewards those who are using the service to advertise on other people's blogs.

So, how do you drop and why?

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