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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Breathe easy now, Lifetime people

Before the folks at Lifetime television suffer collective apoplexy over my little blog here, I would like to issue a clarification.
A few days ago I mentioned that Lifetime had a new promotion going centering on this nifty redecorated jet called the Flying Tigress. I thought they were being terribly irresponsible in this day and age, as their promos go on and on about the plane "traveling" all over the country to promote Lifetime. (Somehow, MY little ol' post came up as the top result on Google for the search term "Lifetime Flying Tigress" at one point - it doesn't seem to anymore, but the Digg for it does.)
Well, some anonymous person or persons over at Lifetime (according to my site tracking) has pointed out to me that it's a nonworking jet that won't be FLYING anywhere; therefore, this person recommended that I "calm down." (It will, however, be hauled about somehow, unless the whole "traveling" bit was a COMPLETE fabrication, rather than just misleading.) But anyway, the point is, they're not FLYING it around being completely socially and environmentally irresponsible in this day and age - they just want to make it LOOK like they are. Obviously, I'm not the ONLY one who was under this impression, as I came across THIS post just today.
Thanks for pointing out this distinction to me, anonymous Lifetime person. I'm glad we've cleared all that up.


Sir Jupiter said...

And the plane is a Corvair, or a Carvalle, or a Vickers...I'm not sure who made them but I believe they may be a british plane.

Anyway, the point of my comment is that the plane they repainted is at *least* over 40 years old. I doubt it could fly even if they wanted it to.

Anonymous said...

It's A old French built S.U.D. Caravelle. Has been in open storage for quite a few years. It will never fly again. Lifetime painted only the left-side (pilots-side) for their promo. The right side is still off-white paint. The flying scenes or CGI (computer generated). So... do you really believe EVERYTHING you "SEE" on T.V. ???

Rachel S said...

Folks missing the point....again. My concern was for Lifetime's *image*. It looks bad in this day and age. I thought this kind of ad campaign was a mistake. Geez! Heck, I watch more Lifetime than any other network.