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Thursday, June 12, 2008

There never was a "what might have been"....not really

My baby boy Pooh turned 18 today. It's a cliche, but I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. His dad and I were talking about him at his non-grad party last weekend, and we both agree that we're thrilled at how he's turned out. His girlfriend even thanked me for what a good job I did with him. He's loving and generous and sensitive and smart and respectful of women - always. For the child of a single, teenage mom, he's a miracle. I was so pleased when I was talking to his girlfriend, too. She said that he'd told her, "If you ever need a woman to talk to, you can always go to my mom. She'll be there for you." I'm so proud of him.

It was a quiet day at home alone today. I put out more work fires, and then settled in to watch soccer. Kudos for the Croatian defense against the sleeping Germans today. They were on fire! The Austria-Poland game was fun to watch, too. Boruc was really on his game. I tried watching MLS in the evening, but somehow it just didn't seem as interesting. Hmm...

I've been taking a break from politics for a few days. But I caught this little item about a graphic on Fox News calling Michelle Obama "baby mama." Too f*cking far. I hate that term anyway. Shame on you, Fox News. (The E.D. Hill clip that's been making the rounds was totally taken out of context though. Let's be fair, folks. She was quoting what had been made of the gesture in the media and blogosphere - NOT saying that it was HER interpretation.)

I seem to have lost my appetite again today. I guess it's not quite over yet. I'm starting to feel kinda stupid for it sometimes. I've got to find some clear focus FORWARD.

My "footie" crush of the day: Artur Boruc (Great game today, and he became a daddy yesterday, too! Congrats!)

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