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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My new ordinary...for now

Great work day today. I got hit left and right with *this* request and *that* late file and *the other* log-in problem, and I put it all away smooth as can be. I keep proving myself, day after day. They can't have any complaints on me.
I started following Barack Obama on Twitter this morning. Imagine my surprise when I saw he's now following me back. Me and the other 39,000 following him. Hehe. Oh well.
I sent my ... former love ... *sigh* ... a link to a blog. The post was about the road not taken, and regrets, and taking a chance. He thanked me for understanding. *Sigh* I never had a chance.
At least I had some great soccer to watch today. And i t w a s *G*R*E*A*T*!! I was disappointed that I had to sit through the announcers' constant deification of Ronaldo. Ick ick ick! You'd think he was the only player on the pitch. Don't get me started. Ick. Throw in a "pr" for good measure...
High praise for the Switzerland-Turkey water polo match as well. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and had to laugh my ass off when the announcer said they were gathering gopher wood and two of every animal. It was incredible play for the conditions. I'm am sooo hooked!
I took the girls to their dad's for the rest of the week, and Pooh's still gone, so I'll be hanging out on my own for a few days. I got to have a nice long chat with a friend I haven't talked to in a while. Ran a little long actually, because I nearly missed G before he went off to bed. It's five hours later there. I've got to work on my timing. He offered a kiss goodnight though. Ah well. One of these days. ... Maybe.
So You Think You Can Dance is down to the top 20, so they're on to the pairs. This season is going to be incredible!!!
I'm gonna catch the new episode of Men In Trees tonight. ABC didn't pick it up for another season. That sucks. Every time I find a show I reeeeeaaalllly like. Dirt's been canceled, too. Damn it. That show frickin' rocks! If you haven't seen it, catch it on FX before it's gone. (NOT for children, btw. But ... OH! What naughty fun!)
My "footie" crush of the day: Diego Benaglio

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