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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I signed up for SocialSpark!

I signed up for SocialSpark!

Actually, I signed up about a month ago, but now that my blog has reached the ripe old age of 90 days (birthday balloons and flowers may be delivered via the rear entrance - thank you!), now I'm happy to say that Insomnimusing is a fully qualified blog for SocialSpark, and I can now take advantage of all kinds of wonderful opportunities to make money with my blog while writing only about the things that I want to write about.

Advertisers join SocialSpark to spread the word about their site, opportunity, product or service. They want you to use your blog to write about their thing and get more attention for it. But it's not just advertising. You don't have to support anything you don't like. Everything you post is expected to be your 100% REAL opinion. That's right. YOUR opinion is the one that matters. And your'e invited - heck, you get PAID - to let EVERYBODY know about it.

On top of being a way to make money with a blog, SocialSpark is a real, interactive community for bloggers. And even if your blog is less than 90 days old and you can't take advantage of the paid offers, you can still make use of the networking tools. The marketplace is even set up so that bloggers can help support each other with link exchanges, blog reviews and more.

SocialSpark is a great way to help you monetize your blog, participate in a community of bloggers and drive traffic to the blog you've worked so hard to make great. And SocialSpark operates under a strict code of ethics, which includes 100% auditable in-post disclosure, 100% transparency, 100% real opinions and it's 100% search-engine friendly.

And unlike SOME services out there that offer to pay you to post your opinions, SocialSpark ALWAYS has TONS of offers available.

Check it out! There's something for everyone!
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cube said...

Making money blogging sounds too good to be true. I think I'll wait & see before I join up.

Rachel S said...

I'm new with SocialSpark, but I've been with PayPerPost for a month and a half or so, and I've already gotten paid for my first three posts (there's a 30-day wait). Came to more than $36. I've got more coming there, and I've only heard good things about SocialSpark, but I'll keep you posted!