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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just an observation

Lifetime television for women has got this new ad campaign about some big promotional tour. They've got this nifty, massive jet called the "Flying Tigress" that they'll be flying all over the country promoting all the new changes at Lifetime. Great movies, new shows. All kinds of whoopty-whoop.
But here's the thing....hasn't anyone mentioned to the marketing folks at Lifetime that it's 2008? Gas for cars is $4 a gallon - at least. (Jet fuel prices are insane as well.) Our dependence on foreign oil is almost universally recognized as out of control. We are coming to awareness on our environmental impact, and regardless of our position on global warming, can at least recognize the value in minimizing impact. What's the carbon footprint on that Flying Tigress, Lifetime? How many of your regular viewers can even afford to fly commercially - let alone on a private jet - with the increase in ticket prices because of rising fuel prices? Do you know who your viewers are? Do you think they're more interested in shallow glamour ploys, or do you think they might have more respect for social and environmental responsibility?


sctshep said...


Anonymous said...

The Caravelle jet in their ads is merely a mock up. The plane does not fly. It has a zero carbon footprint.

Rachel S said...

TV Week stated the following:
"The plane will appear in promos and interstitial spots and will travel the country with personalities from Lifetime shows."
The plane IS real and WILL be traveling the country. If, in fact, it will not be traveling by air, the transportation still will be a tremendous waste and about as responsible a symbol for the network as a fleet of Escalades would be.

Anonymous said...

it's a real jet, but not a working one. no one will fly in it and it's merely there for photo opps.
calm down.

Rachel S said...

Oh fine, whatever. I'm not an environmental whack job. I just thought the whole scheme was bad for Lifetime's IMAGE. It was, after all, JUST AN OBSERVATION. And the fact is, the ad campaign says it will be traveling all over the country spreading the word about Lifetime. That's an IMAGE thing. Personally, I don't really care. I'm only aware of the ad campaign because I WATCH Lifetime. Lots of it. And MY first reaction to the ads was a CRINGE.

Anonymous said...

I am a heterosexual male, and Lifetime is my favorite network. I especially love the suspenseful thrillers the network airs.

I came upon this blog because I googled the Flying Tigress. I'm saddened to learn that it's not really flying around the country. I think the Flying Tigress is swell. And if it was in fact out there flying around, I would think that Lifetime would have it transporting something besides people, like mail. (Commercial passenger jets also transport mail in addition to their human cargo.)

As for global warming, I don't even care if it is true. I'll be dead in less than one hundred years.