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Friday, June 27, 2008

We got to the Point....and back

I'm still quite tired today. I went 23 hours up yesterday - driving, walking, rollercoastering - then four hours sleep before getting up to work this morning.

I learned some new html bells and whistles I hadn't known before, so I created the project that was put forth to me last minute by the ad girls. Isn't it always the way? Someone gets a "brilliant" idea, then someone else (me) gets to do the work to make it happen...then someone else gets money off the deal somehow. But anyway, I was very proud of myself for what I did - even if no one notices the work that went into it.

Yesterday was insanely long but a lot of fun. We got to do most of the best coasters. I did Top Thrill Dragster with Pooh, because Gin backed out at the last minute. It was great, but the thrill was the speed (120 mph/190kph) rather than the height (420 feet/130 meters). The best was by far the Millenium Force - which had slipped under my pre-trip radar. Those were the top two, but we all decided that for an overall experience, we prefer King's Island to Cedar Point. We're hoping to squeeze in a trip there later this summer. We've got to find time for a zoo trip for Munch too. She has to feed her giraffe addiction periodically.

There was one especially fun little tidbit to the day. We got to ride the Maverick (which is a roller coaster waaaay better than its name) with the holder of the record for the most rides on it. The ride was new last summer, and this guy was riding it for his 567th time! He told us that he was a member of two coaster clubs, and he'd ridden it 471 times last year - including one day in which he rode 91 times! 68 of those without ever getting off the ride! See the POV video of the Maverick below.

I was a little surprised that I held up as well as I did. I ended the day with an ache in my right hip and sore knees (I have some fairly serious hip and knee issues), but I was feeling a lot better than I was after last year's KI trip. And certainly better than my day walking in Vancouver. (Another little spoiler for the trip that turned out to have the fate of a whole relationship riding on it.) Anyway, the weather held out for us, even though it looked terribly threatening at one point. We got very lucky there.

Anyway, I'll have pictures up tomorrow. Or skip ahead and see them in my albums on Picasa here.

At the moment, I've got a soccer game to watch from yesterday. Don't spoil it for me!

Maverick video

Check out Millenium Force too!

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