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Friday, June 13, 2008

A little odd

It was an odd day today. Felt odd from the very beginning.

I had some technical difficulties at work, so my work day was longer than it needed to be. Or so I'd thought. Turned out I was going to be working a long day anyway, because we had advertising issues for the site that had to be handled right up to the end of office hours. And I got a little extra work too for a project that's being planned. I'll be working this weekend anyway, so now I have an additional task.

At least I got to watch the games while I was working and waiting and working and waiting. I was extremely disappointed in that totally WRONG offside call against Luca Toni that invalidated his goal and cost the Italians the win. At least they're still in it. And the Dutch blew my mind again. Wow! What a performance!

The other mind-blower of today, of course, was the sudden and unexpected death of Tim Russert. As a journalist and a political junkie, I had the deepest respect for the man and his work. It's hard to imagine the next four months of this election season without him. I have to admit I'm still in a state of disbelief as I watch the coverage. There's just something wrong with seeing the words "Remembering Tim Russert" with the pictures and the poignant music. It just seems so wrong.

Add to that the more than three feet of water rushing through the streets of downtown Cedar Rapids. No slow news day today. Britney's custody hearing hasn't even made it to TV, from what I've seen.

Pooh's 18th birthday party planned for tonight was called for rain - serious rain. But at least it's expected to be clear tomorrow. Should be a fun day by the pool with all the kids and Pooh's friends. I look forward to it. I could use it.

I got to have a nice chat tonight with my dear friend Z in London. I grow to appreciate more every day the wonder of our modern world, in which people from all corners of the world can find each other and touch each others' lives. I have formed friendships as genuine as any in "real life," and I am truly blessed to know them. That reminds me. My friend D in Manchester has assigned me to learn about some British television programming. Apparently, these programs (or is that programmes?) will give me some insight into his delightfully twisted humor. I'm intrigued. He started as my poker pal and has become my soccer pal as well. (And he says I'm the only "girl" he knows who understands the offside rule. Hehe. I've studied. Guess I'm not doing too badly - for a newbie.)

My "footie" crush of the day: Luca Toni - of course :)

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