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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Viva Italia!

I'm up too late again - and for no good reason. Well, I could watch the Netherlands-Romania game that wasn't televised earlier. I already know the result, but I've only missed one game this tourney. I might as well keep up the record.

I was cheering for the Italian win (and Romanian loss) today. Yay! They're moving on to the quarterfinals! Can I pick Luca Toni as my "footie" crush again? I don't care if he's getting panned for his performance in this tournament - he's just damn sexy.

Speaking of Italians, I had a chat with a new friend today. Actually, he's been on my friend list on Facebook forever, but this is the first I've ever chatted with him. (HE contacted ME - waddya know?) He seems very nice. No "click" though, but still, he's nice. And artistic. And smart. And smokin' hot. Not the one I was hoping to hear from though. THAT one "clicked."

On a completely different subject, hit this link for a potential solution to our dependence on foreign oil that I don't think ANYONE has mentioned before. Bug poo.

The girls had fun at the park today.

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