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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Salient serendipity

This is my 100th post!

The forecast calls for sunshine and 90 degrees today. Sun and 94 tomorrow. The humidity already is climbing. It's going to be miserable out. Seems too early in the year, but then nothing feels quite right lately. How did someone so far away come to so integral to my life?

Serendipity (the movie) is on this morning. I never seem to be able to avoid watching it when it's on. It's become another When Harry Met Sally... to me, or even The Princess Bride. Hmm....... sappy stories of love and destiny and luck and fate. I believed - once. It wasn't perfect, by any standard. But it just felt RIGHT. He wasn't perfect, but HE felt right.

My mother called me this morning. Apparently my column was bumped from the local paper on Tuesday (it'll run Saturday instead - no big), but she was worried when she didn't see it. She's been with me through just about every relationship fiasco of my life, but she saw something different in this one too. She's concerned for me.


anabellster said...

I don't want the weather to be in the 90s today... my AC is broken. Blah! Sorry for my rant in your comment section.

I ran across your blog on entrecard, I think it's pretty interesting. I've never seen Serendipity, or When Harry Met Sally. Shame on me. :)

Rachel S said...

Gasp!!! (I've never seen any of the 'big three' Star Wars movies....and only one of the whole slew of them....people tell me that makes me strange.....) But really - I HIGHLY recommend both films.