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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wet denim does not dry while on the human body

I got to work early this morning, sans coffee. And after blocking my ex-pig, I headed out to pick up Book, and then to Nana's. I got to watch the first half of today's first Euro Cup game on her 60-inch TV. That was fun, and I even got my mom to watch a minute or two. Her only comment? "They should make them wear helmets if they're gonna do that stuff."

I came home to watch the rest and jumped in the shower to get ready for the party. Running late. Note: trying to shave quickly in a warm shower in an air-conditioned house - BAD IDEA. Goosebumps. 'Nuff said. I couldn't locate my swimsuit, so I figured I wouldn't get to enjoy the pool. Silly me. Somehow *I* ended up being the only fully dressed person to get pushed in, so I got to spend three hours - plus more than an hour's drive home - in wet clothes. It was a very small party - much smaller than I'd expected - but we still all had a good time. The kids, of course, didn't want to ever leave. Munch and Gin had already been in another pool all morning and afternoon at their dad's - with totally insufficient sun protection. (The coward had long since bailed by the time I came to pick up the girls, and he left them with his housemates, so he wouldn't have to face me.) I, of course, slathered them up before their second swimfest, but by then the damage had been done. Poor Munch's eyes were so red she looked possessed, and she's got a pretty uncomfortable looking burn across her nose and cheeks, as well a slightly less intense one over her arms and shoulders. Poor baby. She's miserable but so wiped out she fell asleep almost immediately. I hope it's not hurting her in the morning.
My "footie" crush of the day: Giourkas Seitaridis (but don't ask me to pronounce it)

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