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Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting back to good

I seem to have my appetite back. I only snacked through work, but by the time I finished, I was definitely ready to eat. I was going to cook then got a brainstorm that it might be a good idea to hit the sushi place. After all, that's where I was when I got the text message that made me lose my appetite in the first place two weeks ago. This was my opportunity to own it and not let him ruin that place - and my favorite food - for me. It was a good meal, and I left the restaurant STUFFED.
When we got home, I loaded up the Replay videos from yesterday's games, and the girls and I caught up on the games we missed. I'm watching Germany and Poland now (very carefully avoided accidentally seeing the results anywhere). I paid for these, after all. You can be damn sure I'll watch every game. Especially considering the crappy USD to euro exchange rate. Fortunately, at least SOME of the games will be available through my local cable provider, so I will be able to watch some live. It's kind of nice, though, being able to watch it when it suits me rather than when I have to. (Hmmm.....I wonder if that was his purpose.....)
It's been good being busy for the last couple of days, even though I feel like I got nothing accomplished, because it's kept my mind occupied too. Slowly, I feel as if I'm getting back to me again.
My "footie" crush of the day: Michael Ballack

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Angel said...

I'm glad to hear that you are finding your way back to you!

You have me hungry for sushi:)

Take care,