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Monday, June 9, 2008

Long day (not the Matchbox Twenty one)

Loooooooooong day. I'm glad I didn't have to work this morning.
Pooh's grad party was today, so I scooped the other three out of bed this morning and got them all headed in the same direction. As usual, Munch couldn't find her shoes. I swear she has 37 pairs of shoes, but she couldn't find any two that match. She ended up wearing her sister's. I gathered up the photos and camera (forgot the gift - but remembered the cash, so the gift was forgiven). I was a little harried already. (But somehow, I have to say, I looked fantastic. Seriously, I was gorgeous today. Hehe. It must be true. Pooh's girlfriend told me so.)
Anyway, I swept the kids off to Nana's (my mom) house and ran in to pick up the meat tray and the cake and the last minute things, then back to Nana's for the party. The usual whirlwind ensued, and btw, it's 95 degrees outside with equally insane humidity.
The guests were slow to trickle in, but once everyone arrived - just a few family members (many didn't show, and I'm P*SSED) and several of his friends (especially impressive because it was out of town), his girlfriend and even her parents and siblings (!!) - the conversation was comfortable and light and friendly. It was an unusual mix of people - fewer than 30 - but it had a really nice, comfortable flow to it, so I was thrilled. Pooh's dad didn't show up, and I was about to be irate until I was told his car had broken down.
People lingered until well past the designated end of the party, then Pooh told us that we were invited to a party at his dad's next. As in - immediately after. As in - today. What?!?
To cut short, we gather kids again. Head off to yet another town, 45 minutes in the opposite direction from home. (Munch has lost her sister's shoes while at Nana's, so she's barefoot after a 25-minute search of the property turned up nothing.) Get to Pooh's stepgrandma's house. Nobody's there. Voicemail. "Mom, apparently the party's at dad's."
Off to dad's another 15 minutes away. There's a party tent on the front lawn and 30 people I don't recognize - with five I do. Pooh strolls up to me, "Umm....this.....isn't....the graduation party"
Turns out that Pooh's dad and stepmom have some guy over giving some affiliate marketing demonstration!!! "Stay! Eat! We have tons of food!"
(Are you kidding me?)
Got stuck there for two more hours, then I finally used my out - gotta get home to write my column. By that time it's almost 10 pm already. So Nana, Pooh's gf, the girls and I, pile into Nana's car (Pooh stayed at dad's) to head back to Nana's - 45 minutes. Gathered up party leftovers and Pooh's gf, the girls and I headed out to take gf home - another 30 minutes. Wouldn't trade it though - had the BEST talk with her during the drive and the girls were dozing off in the back. In fact, we sat in the car in her driveway for ANOTHER 20 minutes talking. By the time I got home with the girls (Munch was sick from overindulging in food and sweets and punch and play and trampolines and sunshine and..... ugh), it was 11:20 p.m.
Voicemail. One of the reporters at work is asking if I've heard any of the word on an incident in my tiny town today. (I hadn't - out of town all day). The incident - a 3-year-old boy hit by a car in his driveway. I check the address. I know that house. I don't know the family, but I've seen that little boy. I remember driving by one day - not more than a few weeks ago - and he was playing in his driveway and someone was backing a truck out of the garage. I got an awful feeling and slowed to watch - my hand at the ready on the horn in case the child changed direction - as the truck swept past him. I've just checked the area TV news Web site. The boy's in the hospital, but he's expected to be ok. Thank god.
Finished my column by 12:45 a.m. and sent it off. Now I'm off.
Long day.


G8rBryan said...

Nice post. I got tired just from reading it, lol. Congrats on your son graduating.

Rachel S said...

Thanks! And I probably left out at LEAST half of it!